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Inspire Demoscene Event

Inspire demoparty will take place from 9th to 11th May 2008 in Errenteria, Guipuzkoa, Spain. (close to San Sebastian). We’re ready to host 64 participants with their computers, and we’ll be providing tables, chairs, electric power, network internet access and an awesome big screen a sound system. Don’t forget that first 48 registered attenders will be able to sleep in the local youth hostel – for free!

It is a demoscene-related meeting where everyone is welcome. The demoscene is one of the oldest digital art communities around, with more than 25 years on the road, devoted to the creation of digital works in form of realtime software programms called “demos” – the most spectacular combination of art, technical skills and mathematics.

In an open, friendly and creative environment, the City Hall of Errenteria and the association Inspire Digital Culture invite everybody regardless their background to ask, learn and especially to enjoy two days of demoscene.

Feel free to come with suggestion, criticisms or ideas to us. We are open to anybody willing to help, new compos, seminars, collaborations with non-demosceners… Just drop a mail to info@inspire-demoscene.org or search for a rgba member in #demoscene at irc.irc-hispano.org



Seminar I, “Openscenegraph” by Corsario/TLOTB. You want to know what a scene-graph is, how it works, see it in action and learn how to use it to better handle your objects, lights and cameras on your demo?

Seminar II, “Codeando graficos procedurales en 4k” by iq/rgba (“Coding procedural graphics in 4k”) : we will first go on a survey on the different techinques than can globally be chosen to make procedural graphics in a 4 kilobytes. The second part of the talk will focus on specific tricks that were used in some of rgba’s productions.

Seminar III, “Introduccion a la sintesis musical en 4k” by slack/NecroStudios (“Introduction to music synthesis in 4k”): one of the best known 4k intro spanish coders will explain the basics of building realtime music and sound generation systems for 4kb intros. Explanations from the beggining, so you understand how it all works and you too can start making you own music synthesizer!